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Commercial Floor Strippers in New York

Category: Strip & Wax

Well-waxed and finished floor surfaces in New York contribute greatly to the look and ambience of a room. Proper stripping ensures that floors do not lose their shine and glossiness. Commercial strippers are used in offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, public places and other commercial establishments with high traffic.

Commercial Floor Strippers for All Floor Types

You can find many different types of commercial strippers in the market today. There suitably formulated products available for every kind of floor. Franklin Cleaning Technology’s once over floor stripper is a great value no-rinse stripper which penetrates through and suspends normal floor finish buildup for rinse-free removal. It is ideal for use on resilient and non-resilient floors such as mineral surfaces, asphalt, vinyl composition, terrazzo, rubber, brick, and quarry tile.

Also from Franklin is the economical and all-purpose Speedsope model. This stripper does not have harsh chemicals or solvents that can damage floor surfaces. It can be conveniently used on marble, vinyl, vinyl composition, brick, quarry tile, terrazzo, linoleum, asphalt, rubber and concrete floors.

Flooring strippers also come in low odor environment-friendly models. The Green Option stripper has good penetration qualities and emulsifies built up layers of floor finish for efficient removal by autoscrubber or rotary machine. Its solvent-free property eliminates offensive odors associated with traditional stripping formulas.

Effective Formulations for Attractive Floors

Floor strippers like Aspire Baseboard Strippers come with a formulation that can effectively remove unsightly wax and soils from the floors. These heavy-duty strippers get floors ready for the application of a new layer of wax. These flooring care products are best for use on baseboards, kick plates and other vertical surfaces. Baseboard strip cleaners also come under this category. Special aerosol strippers are also now available for use on hard-to-reach areas of the floors.

Ideal Commercial Floor Stripper

The ideal stripper is one that is non-toxic and formulated to dissolve and suspend the floor finish without damaging the floor surface itself. Good strippers are ones that reduce the need to strip and recoat frequently. New York janitors who work on floor stripping also need to be educated about cleaning and maintenance methods. Proper floor maintenance will increase the life of a floor finish and reduce the frequency of stripping and refinishing.

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