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New York Post Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean up  in New York is the most important step in the evolution of a clean house.


Because you could be stuck with mistakes made by an inexperienced or inefficient cleaner.

If you have ever lived in an older house that still has old labels on the toilets, scratches on the floors or windows or just hired a cleaner who did a lousy job on your brand new house than you will know what I am talking about!

Construction Cleaning is more than just a fast vacuum and a quick mopping.

Walls need to be dry dusted (ceilings and crown moldings too!). Window sills need to be dusted, vacuumed and wiped. The same applies to cupboards and sinks.

Labels (windows and vanities) need to be taken off correctly (more about this in a subsequent entry). Check with the contractor to make sure final inspections are done before removing labels.

Once the dust settles the floor can be vacuumed a few times until there is no evidence of dust. Vacuuming also means getting down on your hands and knees and cornering, edging and closet tracking.

Any paint, caulking or glue spots can be removed. This is a careful, meticulous procedure that if not done correctly will result in unsightly gashes to your floors, windows and vanities.

Vanities (bathtubs, showers can be scrubbed). Check drains first and pull putty and garbage out before using them!

Then and only then would the floor be mopped.

Once a room is complete the door should then be closed so that nobody re-enters and spreads dust to the cleaned area.

Speaking of which, the cleaner and anybody else on the site should consistently vacuum their feet and clothing in order to keep dust transference to a minimum.

We get hired a lot because companies don’t follow that protocol. The end result is that the customer gets a lousy job and the construction cleaning industry gets a bad rap.

Hire a good reliable New York post construction cleaning company and get the job done correctly, the first time.

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