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What To Expect From a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in New York

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Unfortunately, too many people do not clean their carpets well enough or often enough and this results in an unhygienic and somewhat potentially hazardous living environment. Often you cannot tell the extent to which your carpets are getting dirty by just looking at them as the dirt and grime is often tucked away below the surface. Sure, we all vacuum every now and again – perhaps every couple of days or once a week – but this only removes the loose debris on the surface of the carpet, not the real dirt from underneath. Only professional steam carpet cleaning is able to remove these contaminants from your carpet.

Do you know what to look for when you are starting your search for cleaner carpets in New York? Firstly, you need to consider what equipment the carpet cleaning company uses. You always want someone who incorporates the latest technology as this will ensure you are getting the best possible clean. Use a little common sense here, if a company is showing off their equipment and actively advertising it, chances are it is pretty decent. If there is no mention of the machinery a company uses, be wary as this usually means it is older or ineffective.

Next, and this follows on from the equipment really, find out which New York carpet cleaning method the company primarily uses. It is best to leave dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning well alone and aim for a company happy to offer steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This is the recommended method for carpet cleaning as it is able to loosen and remove the dirt and grime from the base of the carpet pile. Other forms of carpet cleaning struggle to effectively remove anything and can actually cause damage to your carpets.

As well as the technical side, you want a carpet cleaner that is friendly and happy to help you. If you work all the hours god sends throughout the week, you might need a carpet cleaner early morning on a Sunday. Make sure you opt for a company happy to be flexible and work around your schedule – not the opposite way around. Many carpet cleaning companies only provide their clients with a ‘window’ time frame – and I’m sure you know from waiting in on deliveries, there is nothing more frustrating. Ask the carpet cleaner if they are able to commit to specific appointment as you do not want to wait around for hours on end and have to rearrange your plans.

Price is almost always a factor when choosing a professional carpet cleaner, and this is understandable, but try to avoid unrealistically cheap offers. Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are many ‘bait and switch’ companies around who are too happy to try and rip off their customers. When making your appointment, make sure that you confirm the final price.

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